CTL Celebrates 25 Years

Picture illustrating (from left) Integrated Services Manager Jameel Mohammed, Projects Manager Ajit Sugrim, Technology Solutions Manager Kade Carreira, The Very First and Former Administrative Assistant Yvonne Warrell, Managing Director Kenny Lue Chee Lip and Integrated Construction Manager Ronald Ramlal making a celebratory toast.

On November 18th 2023, CTL officially celebrated 25 years of its existence in grandeur at the La Soledad Estate in Maracas, St. Joseph.

CTL was founded in June 1998 with the purpose of representing Elsag’s Bailey line of instrumentation products. Back then, CTL was located on Edward Street, Port-of-Spain; after which the company moved to our current location in Marabella, where we remain located till this day.

CTL has been blessed with strong years of leadership through our Management. If surmised, our current management team’s experience can be approximated near to 100 years, with Mr. Kenny Lue Chee Lip serving as our Managing Director for the past 25.

Here is an excerpt from his speech that night:

“I too am amazed of what CTL has done over its 25 years. I am proud of the Team assembled. Loyal, committed to excellence, hard working and want to deliver the best products and services to our customers. We have built a SOLID company that can continue on even though there are always major disruptions all around us.

CTL has a track record of executing complex projects and we have become an ESSENTIAL supplier and contractor to critical industries and utilities in Trinidad and the Caribbean region.

CTL is BOLD constantly venturing and executing Projects in diverse industries utilizing latest equipment and Technologies. We continue to expand on products and services as we constantly Evolve.

CTL has a large customer base who TRUST our knowledge and experience and have awarded us complex projects even though we never executed anything similar.”

He applauded the CTL Family for its hard work and dedication over the past 25 years, as well as praised the company’s hard-earned development; and If you haven’t seen it, he made an excellent play on the company’s rebranded values: Solid, Essential, Bold and Trusted.

CTL looks forward to strengthening our relationships with new and existing customers and suppliers. Our goal remains to provide excellent value and service to all, to the best of our abilities, whilst respecting given time constraints and budget.

Thank you to all our stakeholders for their unwavering support over the past 25 years; and we look forward to spending another 25 years with you!