Who We Are

Leading with Expertise

CTL is a full-service firm housing a team of experts with decades of experience; and we are trusted, across industries for precisely this – our experience

At the core of our technical expertise is the ability to pivot, meet industry standards, and stay up to date with the latest technology. CTL is based on a foundation of learning and relearning. We are solution-oriented thinkers who adapt, grow, and evolve because of our team of loyal and dedicated staff who have been with the company for years.

“At CTL we have a common goal to meet our customer expectations and build long-term clients. We have both loyal employees and clients that have made us a leading uniquely qualified and experienced partner that many essential companies turn to locally and regionally.”

-Kenny Lue Chee Lip, Managing Director

CTL is Leading with Expertise by championing industry-backed knowledge to safely deliver technologically driven solutions cost-effectively and efficiently.

We have lasted this long because of the expertise of our dedicated staff and our customers trust our team to execute and support them for the long term, because Control Technologies Limited creates a superior customer experience