Past Projects

Check out our past projects and see our work in action!

Floating Production and Storage Offloading (FPSO)

Client: Trinmar (Now Paria)
Overview: Trinmar contracted CTL to install a DCS system and Shutdown System on an oil production barge offshore called “Adventurer 3.” This was our very first project and was done in the early 2000s

Caroni Arena and Navet Water Treatment Plants

Client: Carillion (Now WASA)
Overview: Carillion wanted to implement a SCADA System in their treatment plants. This project was done in the early 2000s and actually included the installation of our first set of radio links. The dollar value of this project was quite significant, impacting positively on CTL’s experience and reputation

  • Supplied 125 pieces of magflow meter from 4” to 42”
  • Insertion type magmeters included
  • Installed on major distribution line
  • Construction of concrete puts to allow easy future access to magmeters
  • Data loggers installed at each, meter to send data to central site.
“Water for All” SCADA Installation

Client: Carillion (Now WASA)
Overview: WASA wanted a 360-turnkey system i.e., to provide the equipment, to engineer the system, to assemble all plants and install connection; and contracted CTL to do this. It was a very complex project for its time and CTL can boast that we were capable of fulfilling their requests. The project consisted of: 12 PLCs, Fibre optic cables, Review Link and HMI Systems

  • Design wiring
  • Panel Layouts
  • Wiring Designs
  • Physical Installation and Tests
Cross Island Pipeline for BECHTEL

Overview: Our team collaborated with BECHTEL to implement an advanced automation and telecommunication solution for the Cross Island Pipeline project. The goal was to ensure seamless operations and efficient communication across the pipeline’s vast network

Key Highlights:

  • Tower Infrastructure: We successfully installed 13 towers throughout south Trinidad, including the country’s tallest tower, standing at an impressive 135 meters.
  • Microwave Links: Our team seamlessly integrated multiple microwave links, facilitating a smooth transition from old links to new ones, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Data Collection: We implemented a Rockwell PLC system to effectively gather and analyze data along the pipeline, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • ESD System: At the Beachfield site, we deployed a Triconex ESD system, providing reliable emergency shutdown capabilities to safeguard operations.
  • Comprehensive Voice Communication: Our solution included a robust voice communication system, covering the entire southern region of Trinidad, enabling seamless collaboration.
  • Leak Detection System: We incorporated a state-of-the-art pressure point analysis-based leak detection system to enhance pipeline safety and minimize potential risks.
  • Adherence to International Standards: The project was executed in strict accordance with international standards, as specified by ABB/Bechtel, ensuring compliance and quality.

Our collaboration with BECHTEL on the Cross Island Pipeline project exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the highest industry standards. By leveraging advanced automation and telecommunication technologies, we helped optimize operations and enhance overall efficiency, ensuring a successful outcome for our valued client.

Oil and Gas SCADA for the National Petroleum Corporation of Barbados

Client: NPC Barbados
Stakeholder: IDB
Overview: Our team collaborated with NPC Barbados, to implement a comprehensive SCADA system for monitoring and controlling all 70 oil and gas production and storage sites across Barbados
Key Highlights:

  • Extensive Coverage: Our SCADA system covered the entire network of oil and gas production and storage sites, ensuring real-time monitoring and control capabilities.
  • Supply of Equipment: We provided a range of essential equipment, including Pressure Transmitters, Coriolis Flow Meters, Level Transmitters, and BTU Analyzers, enabling accurate data collection and analysis.
  • Radio Links: Multiple Radio Links were established to connect remote sites, ensuring seamless communication and data transmission.
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTUs): At each remote site, RTUs were installed to facilitate data collection, enabling efficient monitoring and control.
  • Redundant Control Room Stations: To ensure high reliability, redundant Control Room Stations were implemented, minimizing the risk of system downtime.
  • Customized Production Reports: We developed and implemented customized production reports, offering valuable insights and facilitating informed decision-making

This successful collaboration with NPC Barbados resulted in the implementation of a comprehensive SCADA system that covers all 70 oil and gas production and storage sites in Barbados. By providing essential equipment, establishing reliable communication links, and developing customized production reports, we ensured real-time monitoring, efficient control, and valuable insights for informed decision-making..

Potable Water Bulk Metering Project for WASA

Client: WASA
Solution: Instrumentation/Installation Project
Overview: In collaboration with WASA, we successfully executed an instrumentation and installation project to implement potable water bulk metering systems
Key Highlights:

  • Wide Meter Range: A total of 125 pieces of magflow meters, ranging from 4″ to 42″ in size, were supplied and installed, ensuring accurate measurement of water flow.
  • Inclusion of Insertion Type Magmeters: The scope of the project included the installation of insertion type magmeters, expanding the measurement capabilities. ·
  • Installation on Major Distribution Lines: The magflow meters were strategically installed on major distribution lines, enabling accurate monitoring of water flow at critical points.
  • Construction of Concrete Pits: Concrete pits were constructed to provide easy future access to the magmeters, ensuring maintenance and servicing convenience.
  • Data Loggers: Data loggers were installed at each meter site, facilitating the transmission of data to a central site for analysis and monitoring

Through our partnership with WASA, we executed an instrumentation and installation project that revolutionized potable water bulk metering. Supplying a range of magflow meters, including insertion type magmeters, and strategically installing them on major distribution lines, we enabled accurate measurement of water flow. The construction of concrete pits and the integration of data loggers further enhanced accessibility and monitoring capabilities

Electronic Security for Securing Critical Infrastructure at Trinidad Port

Client: Trinidad Port

Solution: Electronic Security
Overview: We collaborated with Trinidad Port to implement a robust electronic security solution, specifically designed to secure critical infrastructure within their premises. Our solution incorporated advanced technologies to ensure comprehensive surveillance and threat detection Key Highlights:

  • Specialized Cameras: We deployed specialized explosion-proof cameras and megapixel high-resolution cameras to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage.
  • Analytics Capabilities: The system included advanced analytics features such as license plate recognition, speed and direction detection, enhancing overall security effectiveness.
  • Solar and UPS Power: The security infrastructure was designed to be powered by solar energy and UPS, ensuring continuous operation even in challenging conditions.
  • Broadband Radio Links: Broadband radio links were established to provide wide area coverage, enabling seamless communication and data transmission.
  • Video Management Systems: Advanced and intuitive video management systems were implemented to efficiently manage and monitor the security camera feeds.
  • Intrusion Detection Systems: The solution incorporated intrusion detection systems to detect and deter unauthorized access to critical areas.
  • Access Control Systems: Access control systems were implemented to regulate and monitor entry into secure zones, ensuring enhanced security measures

Our collaboration with the Trinidad Port resulted in the implementation of a robust electronic security system, safeguarding critical infrastructure. By deploying specialized cameras, advanced analytics, and solar/UPS power solutions, we enhanced surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control capabilities. The integration of broadband radio links and intuitive video management systems ensured comprehensive coverage and efficient management of the security infrastructure.