Specialized Flow Metering

Accurate Flow Measurement Solutions: Enhancing Efficiency Across Industries

At CTL, we specialize in providing advanced flow metering solutions that cater to a wide range of industries providing tailored flow metering options that drive operational efficiency and maximize productivity.

For water utilities, we offer the reliable ABB Bulk flow meter designed specifically for large water pipelines with diameters of up to 96 inches. This advanced meter ensures accurate measurement of water flow, enabling optimal management and distribution within the utility network. Additionally, our Kamstrup domestic water meters, equipped with ultrasonic technology, provide precise and dependable measurement of water consumption in residential and commercial settings. With these meters, water resource management becomes more efficient, while ensuring accurate billing and consumption monitoring.

In addition to serving water utilities, we address the needs of various industries. Our expertise extends to Coriolis mass flow meters, enabling accurate measurement of mass flow rates in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and food production. These meters offer superior accuracy and reliability, supporting precise monitoring and control of mass flow processes.

We also offer Vortex meters, which excel in volumetric flow measurement for gases, liquids, and steam. Their robust design and dependable performance make them ideal for applications in power generation, HVAC systems, and wastewater treatment. With our Vortex meters, you can ensure accurate and efficient flow measurement, optimizing your processes and achieving greater operational control.

Moreover, our clamp-on ultrasonic meters provide a non-intrusive solution for flow measurement across multiple industries. These meters can be easily installed without disrupting existing pipelines or systems, making them ideal for applications in HVAC, water treatment, and industrial process control. Experience hassle-free and accurate flow measurement with our clamp-on ultrasonic meters.

Partner with us to elevate your flow measurement capabilities, enhance efficiency, and drive unparalleled business performance.

At CTL, we are committed to delivering tailored flow metering solutions that address the specific requirements of each industry. Our advanced range of meters, including ABB Bulk flow meter, Kamstrup domestic water meters, Coriolis mass flow meters, Vortex meters, and clamp-on ultrasonic meters, ensures precise and reliable flow measurement for a wide array of applications.