Continuous growth and diversification are part of CTL DNA leveraging off our experience and knowledge, we continue to look for new segments and technologies to expand into

Building Management Systems

We can integrate products and services such as motion detectors, harmonious lighting, door communication, automated heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and shutter management, with a range of possibilities to automatically control your building. With a seamless integration, we can provide industrial and commercial entities the flexibility to building management, but it has a positive effect on efficiency, security, and productivity.

Utility Sized Solar Power Systems

We recognize that as electricity costs continue to rise along with global concerns over hazardous emissions and climate change. CTL has the technical competence to bid, design, construct and integrate solar power solutions as a clean, renewable alternative for utility-scale energy providers to ensure an economically viable, constant source electricity during peak demand periods

Hydro Electric Dam Generation

Hydroelectric power generation is an important source of renewable energy that relies on the energy of falling water to produce electricity. CTL is well positioned to handle the engineering design, operation, and maintenance of hydroelectric power plants as it requires careful planning and management to ensure the efficient and safe operation to the facility

Electrical SCADA

Designing, supplying, installing, and maintaining Electrical SCADA system involves a comprehensive process that requires expertise in electrical engineering, software development and cybersecurity. CTL is an experienced vendor that can ensure the system meets the desire customer requirements and operates reliably.