Empowering Efficiency: PLC Upgrades Tailored for Enhanced Performance

At CTL, as trusted Rockwell Automation System Integrators, we specialize in providing comprehensive PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) upgrades to modernize existing obsolete systems

We understand the challenges posed by outdated PLC systems and the impact they can have on plant operations and productivity. Our comprehensive approach begins with thorough surveys and reviews of your current systems, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of your unique plant operations and availability consideration. From there, we design cost-effective upgrade plans that align perfectly with your specific requirements.

Our dedicated team of experts utilizes their extensive knowledge and experience to recommend the most suitable and advanced PLC technologies for your upgrade. By seamlessly integrating these state-of-the-art systems, we ensure improved control capabilities, streamlined processes, and optimized performance throughout your operations. The Results

Increased productivity
Enhanced overall system reliability
Reduced downtime

But our capabilities don’t stop there.

We go beyond upgrading obsolete PLC systems. Our expertise extends to converting outdated relay-based systems to cutting-edge PLC controls. With our skilful handling of these conversions, we guarantee a seamless transition without disrupting your critical operations. By embracing modern PLC controls, you’ll experience the benefits of advanced functionalities, improved flexibility, and simplified maintenance, all contributing to a future-ready and efficient automation infrastructure.

Choosing CTL means choosing a partner dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your operations.

Our tailored PLC upgrade solutions are designed to optimize your processes, empower your workforce, and drive sustainable growth. With our commitment to excellence and as recognized Rockwell Automation System Integrators, we stand ready to transform your existing systems into agile, high-performing assets that propel your business forward.