As of 2023, CTL is celebrating our 25th anniversary. Thus, in order to fully celebrate this milestone, the decision was made to rebrand; to create and develop a modern image for the company, consistent with our new capabilities and extended operations

Let us start with…Our Logo

There are two main features of our new logo:

  • The Worded Acronym
  • The Abstract Logo
The Worded Acronym

CTL started off as a traditional instrumentation and automation industrial solutions provider, hence the company was given the name “Control Technologies Limited.”

Today, the branded name “CTL” represents an evolved and established regional provider of high-quality security, telecommunication, instrumentation, and automation services for over 25 years.

The Abstract Logo

The Abstract logo is in the shape of a star, with dotted lines spanning out from the core, which is in the shape of a circle shape. These features are all reflective of the evolution and growth of CTL in the past 2+ decades.

  • The Circle represents the 360-degree service that we offer i.e., the full-working range of services and solutions from conceptual design to engineering, installation and commissioning.
  • The dots represent our growing and large portfolio of products, services, and networks. They move in an outward direction to reflect the company’s evolution.
  • The 4 peaks of the star are representative of the 4 main arms of the company: sales, services, construction and installation and projects.
Our new Tagline…

“Leading with Expertise”

CTL is a full-service firm housing a team of experts with decades of experience for which we are trusted across industries for. At the core of our technical expertise is the ability to pivot, meet industry standards, and stay up to date with the latest technology. CTL is based on a foundation of learning and relearning. We are solution-oriented thinkers who adapt, grow and evolve because of our team of loyal and dedicated staff who have been with the company for years.

Our Positioning Statement…

Control Technologies Limited (CTL) is an in-house technology solutions provider that delivers 360-degree engineering services, products and solutions to oil and gas, utilities (water and electricity), petrochemical, chemical and other sophisticated high-tech industries. With over 25 plus years of experience and expertise, we deliver superior customer service by providing high-quality end-to-end turnkey engineered solutions, security, telecommunication, instrumentation and automation services.