CCTV Systems

  • Specialize in large systems covering multiple sites and linked via wirless radio
  • We provide systems that provide superior image quality and high system reliability
  • Provide cameras and recorders from multiple vendors based on client and site requirements. Major brands provided: Avigilon, Pelco, and Dahua
  • Specialized designs for industrial sites including hazardous area rated cameras for Class 1, Div I areas
  • Cost effective cameras for commercial applications
  • Easy to use and reliable Video Management Systems
  • Adaptive Video Analytics that provide advanced functionailty in detection and alarms on preset conditions such as left object removal, person counting, facial recognition

Specialized Camera Systems

  • Long Range Cameras
  • Night Vision Cameras
  • Aerial Cameras
  • Starlight Cameras
  • 360* Cameras
  • Facial Recogniton
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Wireless
  • Solar Powered
  • License Plate Recognition

Access Control Systems

  • Provide from small to Enterpise Class systems from multiple vendors: Galaxy Systems, Avigilon ACM, Schneider Electric Continuum
  • Design Proximity, smart-card, RFID, and biometric reader systems including long range readers
  • Modern IP based systems and wireless locks to reduce costs and provide enhanced functionality
  • Tight integration with CCTV VMS and alarm panels
  • Software integrates with Time and Attendance and other 3rd party applications
  • Asset tracking solutions

Barrier Systems

  • Reliable attactive trunstils: waist_high and full-height versions
  • Barrier lifts with fast rising alarms and vehicle loop detectors
  • Fencing Systems for robust physical protection

Intrusion Detection

  • Radar systems for detecting intruders in wide areas including sea and port application
  • Fence-based detection systems to detect cutting, climbing, crashing
  • Motion detectors: PIR or long range microwave