SCADA For Natural Gas Cross Island 56" Pipeline - ABB/Bechtel (Telecommunication)

  • Design telecom system to transfer PLC data, voice and PBX ext across entire pipeline
  • Install microwave backbone (including towers) & multiplexers to transfer data
  • Programmed Allen Bradley Contrologix PLCs for 6 sites
  • Programmed Triconex Trident TMR ESD system
  • Designed and assembled 16 cabinets for PLC, Telecom and ESD Implemented two way voice radio system to cover pipeline
  • Implemented Leak Detection System
  • Testing and commissioning of system
  • Cutover existing microwave links to new backbone

SCADA for Major Water Treatment Plants at Caroni-Area

  • HMI/SCADA System  – Ci Technologies, CITECT 
  • I/O Point Count – Over 2000 points. AI, DI, DO, AO
  • No. of A-B PLCs Connected – 8 
  • No. of Telemechanique PLCs connected -5 
  • Wireless communication with A-B PLCs @ Arena Dam 
  • Field Instruments Supplied – ABB Pressure Xmitters, Single Loop Controllers, Turbidity Analyzers Magmeters, Ohmart-Vega Ultrasonic/Radar Level Xmitters Hi-Tech Ultasonic Level Transmitters
  • Design & Implemented Ethernet Comm. Network using OPC with remote radio link to Arena Dam.
  • Network – included fiber optic field network, with Modbus comms. hardwired as well as via radio 
  • Fully Redundant OPC Servers, Two Client/Operator Stations supplied by CT 
  • Customer – CARILLION 
  • End User – WASA 
  • Value – TT$ 6M

Integrated Electronic Security System For NGC

  • CCTV – explosion proof fixed and PTZ cameras
  • 32 cameras across 11 sites
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control including Biometric readers
  • Fibre Optic and Wireless broadband links for Video
  • Monitoring station using Pelco Endura station
  • Recording of all images at 4CIF/30fps
  • Remote monitoring site across microwave linkTurnkey Scope – Design, procure, install and commission

Off-Shore Floating Oil Production Facility- Adventurer III (Oil & Gas)

Design, Procure, Installation Supervision, Commissioning & Training

  • Control System – Freelance 2000 w/AC800F Controller
  • Emergency Shutdown System –AC800F Controller
  • Remote Process I/O – MTL 8000 Series I/O with Modbus I/O Point Count – Over 500 AI, DI, AO, DO
  • Responsible for all detailed instrumentation engineering and selection
  • Designed and Programmed Control & Shutdown Systems
  • Design of field wiring and terminations
  • Supply of instruments
  • Commissioning of all systems.
  • Customer – Onyx Resources/Trinmar Limited

DCS Boiler Control System Upgrade For Caroni (1975) Ltd

  • Control System – Freelance 2000, 19” Rackmount Process Station
  • I/O Point Count – Over 30AI, AO
  • Filed Instruments Supplied – ABB Pressure Transmitters, Instrument Cables,
  • Two (2) Workstations, Hoffmann Enclosure
  • Redundancy – Redundant Controllers Implemented.
  • Capacity – 8Mb per CPU Module
  • Engineer / Operator Training done locally by CT staff
  • Control design developed by CT Staff
  • Customer/End User – Caroni (1975) Ltd. St. Madeline

SCADA System For North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant

The Problem

At the North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant, a SCADA system was required to provide monitoring and control for 3 remote locations and 1 central location as follows:

The Raw Water Pumping Station


  • Start/Stop and monitor the status of each of the raw water pumps
  • Monitor the levels of the river and the sump
  • Monitor handscreen differential

The Backwash/Reservoir Station


  • Monitor the level of water in the reservoirs
  • Monitor effluent turbidity
  • Start/Stop and monitor the backwash pumps
  • Start/Stop and monitor the service water pumps

The Chemical Station


  • Control the Carbon dosing, Allum dosing and Chlorine processes via SCADA based on plant influent flow rate.

The Central Point


  • Monitor filter level
  • Start/Stop and monitor backwash system.

The solution

As our main controller we employed the ABB Freelance 800F field controller which communicated with the SCADA components via PROFIBUS and 3 plant computers via Ethernet.

The 3 plant computers provided the monitoring and control interfaces and consisted of the ADVANTEC Industrial Panel PC and 2 Dell workstations all running on Windows NT and ABB Freeland (includes operational, Engineering/Configuration Data Archive Tools)

At the remote locations we employed AUMA actuators, ABB transmitters (to bring in pressure signals) and HiTech level transmitters (for Ultrasonic water level measurement).  Profibus Operator Interface Terminals by Exor were implemented as local control stations.

Distance, terrain and Absence of line of sight between the remote points and central locations, all dictated the use of Fibre optics for communication of the SCADA components. Redundant ValveLAN was utilized to establish a redundant fault tolerant PROFIBUS network

SCADA For Caroni Arena & Navet Water Treatment Plants (Water Utilities)

Turnkey SCADA System – Design, Procure, Install, Commission and Train

• I/O Point Count – Over 2000 points. AI, DI, DO, AO
• 12 Allen Bradley PLCs & 5 Telemechanique PLCs 
• Radio link with A-B PLCs & field instrument via Modbus
• Supply of Field Instruments and Analyzers
• Ethernet Communication Network using fiber optic cables and remote radio link 
• PLC programming
• HMI/SCADA software configuration using CITECT
• Electrical Installation works
• Fully Redundant OPC Servers, 8 Client/Operator Stations 
• PLC panel design and wiring
• Training for operations and maintenance personnel

Installation and Maintenance

  • Instrument installation contract at US$1.2B AUM plant for Proman 
      – 4 plants to date. Contract work US$5M.
  • Offshore floating production facility wiring
  • Instrument Installation in Merox Plant – Petrotrin PaP
  • Switchgear replacement Electrical room – Petrotrin
  • Erection of communications towers for Microwave links
  • Complete E&I installation at TBTL Ethanol Plant
  • PM contract with NGC for CCTV system