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For plant and site-wide compatibility, ABB has developed a "universal transmitter" for the measurement of either pH/Redox, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity and Zirconia Oxygen. Common electronics, spares and operating procedures dramatically decrease cost of ownership, reduce maintenance budgets and provide ease of operation. A series of two-wire transmitters for the industrial and process measurement of pH/Redox and Conductivity provide low cost installation and reduced wiring costs. These transmitters include complete instrument and sensor diagnostics and are SMART programmable. Certified intrinsically safe CENELEC/FM/CSA, they have NEMA 4X/IP66 protection and are CE approved.

Water Analyzers  
We provide precision measurement and control in the water/steam cycle in the power industry, sew age treatment, river quality effluent discharge and potable water. 

For the measurement of dissolved oxygen in boiler feed water and condensate monitoring, the ABB range of analysis instruments covers both high and low levels and is ideal for two shifting power stations. The extensive range of dissolved oxygen systems incorporates convenient, disposable sensors, making it ideal for applications as diverse as aeration control in sewage and effluent treatment plants and environmental monitoring in lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Systems are available in floating ball, dip and submersible versions with spray jet water/air cleaning options. 
An exciting advance in water treatment, the ABB dissolved organics monitor incorporates an ultra stable light source, automatic on-line cleaning, diagnostics and turbidity compensation. 

ABB has a massive installed base of sodium and hydrazine analyzers, for both low and ultra low level measurements. These analyzers offer accuracy, consistency, and a low cost of ownership. 

For monitoring ammonia, fluoride, nitrate, chloride, silica and phosphate in rivers, potable water and sewage treatment, ABB monitors guarantee high integrity measurement and high reliability with minimum maintenance. 

Based on IR nephelometric techniques, an outstanding and successful range of turbidity monitors available in dip and flow-through versions is suitable for applications within both the water and process industries ABB is a pioneer in the supply of self-contained laboratories and packaged analytical systems for water, power generation and other applications. 

ABB provide a range of process, laboratory and industrial systems and electrodes for the measurement of pH/Redox(ORP). Utilizing patented sensor technologies, they consistently out perform other manufacturers' instruments in the most challenging process conditions, including high temperatures, high pressures and solids, 
Assemblies with polypropylene and stainless steel bodies, designed for 12mm DIN sensors, offer superior performance. The rugged TB5 Series assemblies, capable of operating up to 140°C (248°F) and 17bar (247psi) are the toughest available anywhere. 

The ABB range of electrodes includes cartridge electrodes with quick connection, a double bayonet for safety and an integral Spray-Jet wash facility. High performance process electrodes with increased sensor life promise reduced operational and maintenance costs. 

For liquids and semi solids, ABB laboratory electrodes incorporate connectors for most commercially available meters. Rugged and tough industrial electrodes include measurement and reference combination versions.   

Conductivity Measurement    
An extensive range of cells, guaranteeing exceptional durability, accuracy and easy maintenance. The ABB range includes high accuracy two-electrode sensors for trace conductivity levels, multi-electrode sensors for immediate service, plus rugged toroidal (electrodeless) and multi-electrode configurations for use in heavy fouling applications and aggressive solutions. All are available in insertion dip, flow-through and Hot-Tap retractable versions. 

For ultra-pure water applications, the extensive ABB range includes carbon or stainless steel electrodes with high accuracy cell constants. A further series includes electrodes that can operate at up to 90% fouling without loss of measurement integrity, with a self-checking fouling alarm. 

Katharometer and Combustion Efficiency Analyzers   
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Gas & Flame Detection 
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