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Smart Positioners
The TZID family of smart positioners form the vital link between the control system and the valve. The TZID incorporates auto-adjust to reduce commissioning time and an adaption program provides for optimal control of the position until set point is reached. Supported communication protocols include PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION fieldbus in addition to HART communications. With an unequaled immunity to shock and vibration up to 10kg (22 lbs), TZID smart positioners are available for linear or rotary actuators with spring return or double air action. The TZIM is a compact, lightweight electropneumatic positioner with high immunity to shock and vibration. It offers a cost-effective solution for basic applications. For specialized applications, a range of pneumatic positioners is available.

TEIP11 current-to-pneumatics converters boast the best vibration immunity in the industry, with a choice of housing materials and protection to suit ambient plant conditions. 

Continuous reliability and quality have been the hallmarks of Hartmann & Braun actuators for more than 50 years. The range includes part-turn actuators with torques ranging from 20Nm and 16000Nm (1.37 1b/ft and 1096 1b/ft) and linear actuators with forces between 4 Kn and 200Kn (900 lb/f and 20 tonf) which are suitable for use in harsh conditions. 

All models offer continuous control with a virtually v ear-free operation, as well as the highest positioning accuracy and stability available, regardless of positioning time. 

The continuous action, stall-proof motors do not require torque, position dependent protection or increased starting current. The gearings have an efficiency of around 80% with servicing only required after approximately 10 years. 

Contrac, a new intelligent generation of actuators, can be 'fitted and forgotten'. Suitable for use in the power, chemical, steel, cement, sugar processing, waste water and other industries, they offer an electronic positioning unit that is either integrated or close to the actuator. An integrated computer determines the required maintenance level and self-diagnosis reduces shut-down time to a minimum 

ONTRAC Electrical ON-OFF Actuators
Robust electrical actuators for the operation of final control elements in a wide range of applications such as energy, oil and gas industry, water and waste water treatment, etc. 


  • Robust, oil Iubricated worm gear 
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor 
  • Stepless speed variation 7 - 180-1 
  • Microprocessor controlled frequency converter integrated in actuator 
  • Intregrated local control panel with LCD display 
  • Optional modules for position value or fieldbus 
  • Flanges acc. to ISO 5210 or DIN 3210 

Control Valves  
ABB specialise in high duty control valves, specifically for power generation, petrochemicals and oil 8: gas production together with a high quality range of standard duty valves for process industries. The modular design of the ABB WorldValve range, together with the greatest choice of trim sizes and materials allows you to select the trim, body and end connection to match your precise requirements. 

Across the world, ABB valve automation products are operating day-in, day-out in power stations, the oil and gas industries, petrochemicals and other industry applications. They are meeting the harshest challenges, performing specialist applications and providing solutions in applications that other manufacturers' valves fail to overcome. 

The range of control valves available from ABB offer efficient, cost effective solutions to a wide variety of process control applications including low-noise and anticavitation solutions and applications where an angle valve is a necessity. 
The ABB valve range includes valves engineered to operate at the high levels of energy common in advanced power applications, such as feedpump recirculation, boiler down and minimum flow recirculation. 

Unique to ABB is the AB 7000 Choke Duty family of valves which meets stringent requirements at 5000 feet below sea level in oil exploration applications. 

Further models are available for virtually any application including severe duty applications and specific valves to meet your particular pipework requirements. 

Characterized by their superior design and the latest advances in metallurgy ABB superdeheaters and steam conditioning valves offer the widest range of solutions in the industry. They meet the reduced footprint requirements of today's turbine by-pass systems, as well as the increasing temperature and rangeability demands of high efficiency power plants. 

Whatever your requirement wherever your need ABB has the valve automation technology to provide the optimum in cost-effective and efficient solutions. 

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