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Temperature Instruments
We supply sensor elements, temperature sensors and cables plus transmitters for process oriented solutions.

The extensive and comprehensive ABB range of sensors includes standard sensors with many variants, models and solutions tailored to your unique needs including special designs for special applications and quick fit versions. Built-in, head-mounted transmitters are available options. Temperature sensors with exchangeable measuring insets offer long time stability and high measuring accuracy and are the ideal solution for EX I measuring circuits, Ex d applications and for use as dial thermometers. 
Versatility and interchangeability are key benefits of using ABB measuring insets as resistance thermometers and thermocouples in thermowells. Sheathed temperature sensors also give a flexible, space saving solution. 

Highly accurate even under extreme conditions, straight and angular thermocouples offer long term resistance to corrosion and heat (up to 1,800°C or 3,272°F), making them ideal for applications in harsh environments. 

Specialized Designs for Specific Applications:

  • Power 
  • Chemicals/Petrochemicals 
  • Food and Beverages 
  • Glass and Ceramics 
  • Heating, air conditioning and ventilation 
  • Automotive 
  • Hardening baths and molten metal baths 
  • Flammable dusts 
  • Large diesel and marine engines 
  • Bearing temperature measurement 
  • Surface temperature measurement 
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