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SCADA System for North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant

The Problem

At the North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant a SCADA system was required to provide monitoring and control for 3 remote locations and 1 central location as follows:

The Raw Water Pumping Station

Here we needed to:

  • Start/Stop and monitor the status of each of the raw water pumps

  • Monitor the levels of the river and the sump

  • Monitor handscreen differential


The Backwash/Reservoir Station

Here we needed to:

  • Monitor the level of water in the reservoirs
  • Monitor effluent turbidity
  • Start/Stop and monitor the backwash pumps
  • Start/Stop and monitor the service water pumps

The Chemical Station

Here we needed to place the Carbon dosing, Allum dosing and Chlorine processes under SCADA control based on plant influent flow rate.

The Central Point

Here we needed to:

  • Monitor filter level
  • Start/Stop and monitor backwash system.

The solution

As our main controller we employed the ABB Freelance 800F field controller which communicated with the SCADA components via PROFIBUS and 3 plant computers via Ethernet.

The 3 plant computers provided the monitoring and control interfaces and consisted of the ADVANTEC Industrial Panel PC and 2 Dell workstations all running on Windows NT and ABB Freeland (includes operational, Engineering/Configuration Data Archive Tools)

At the remote locations we employed AUMA actuators, ABB transmitters (to bring in pressure signals) and HiTech level transmitters (for Ultrasonic water level measurement).  Profibus Operator Interface Terminals by Exor were implemented as local control stations.

Distance, terrain and Absence of line of sight between the remote points and central locations, all dictated the use of Fibre optics for communication of the SCADA components. Redundant ValveLAN was utilized to establish a redundant fault tolerant PROFIBUS network.


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