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Through the experience of its staff and customers, Control Technologies Ltd. has come to recognize quality maufacturers’ and products. It has been the company’s policy to develop formal and well defined relationships with these suppliers so as to best meet customers expectations in terms of quality and support.

The company’s sales group consists of experienced engineers, technicians and procurement specialists who, together with a network of suppliers, provide best in class products and support.




Authorized Channel Partner for the following divisions:

  • Automation – Safety Systems, DCS, PLC, Advanced Applications
  • Instrumentation – Pressure Transmitters, Positioners, Flow Meters, Analysers, Recorders, Controllers
  • Drives – Variable Frequency Drives
  • TotalFlow – Flow Computers, BTU Analyzers, RTU’s
  • Low Voltage Division – Enclosures, Terminal Blocks, Power Supplies

Ohmart/VEGA manufactures and sells instrumentation such as Radar, Ultrasonic, Guided Wave Radar, Capacitance, and Hydrostatic, level gauges, as well as a full line of point switches including Vibrating level switches for liquids and solids.

A World Leader: Ohmart/VEGA is the inventor of the Nuclear level gauge, and is a world leader in the production and application of Nuclear Level, Density, Point Switch, Weigh Scale, and Interface systems.


The MTL Instruments Group plc is recognized as a world leader in the development and supply of Intrinsic Safety, Explosion Protection Devices and specializes in Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Foundation Fieldbus equipment.


In many industrial applications, safety is ensured around the clock by a fixed gas detection system. Hazards can have several origins: the release of toxic gases, oxygen deficiency or enrichment as well as the presence of combustible gases and vapors. Draeger has the best in class proven solutions for all your GDS needs.

Citect Integration Partner (Silver Level Integrator) – Provider of Industrial Automation, Facilities Automation, Real-Time Intelligence & Next Generation Manufacturing Execution Systems.


Microwave Data Systems for Industrial Data Radios.


Harris Stratex for Digital Microwave Radios


Tait for Voice and Data Radio Communication Products.




Pelco for Advanced Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Equipment

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