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Pulse Radar  
The combination of FCC Part 15 approval and EchoFox® tracking/mapping software is the key to successful continuous level measurement in challenging environments. In the forefront of our radar measurement technology is the VEGAPULS Series 50, the first 2-Wire Intrinsically Safe radar measurement system on the market. Designed for applications that are extremely difficult, the VEGA PULS 81.Ex high performance radar is available. 

Applications: Liquids and solids, high temperatures and pressures, vacuum, dust, vapor and aggressive products. 

This product line features a wide range of models for non-contact continuous measurement of liquids and solids. From the VEGASON Series 50, 2-wire transmitters to the VEGASON 87 with a range of 196 ft. (60m), each used in conjunction with EchoFox™ software, our systems provide you with the best mapping/tracking level system on the market. 

Applications: Most liquids and solids including some foams. Applications from 2" (50mm) span with 0.001" (0.025mm) accuracy to 200 ft. (69m) silos.

Vibrating Switches  
Two product lines of vibrating point level switches provide precise application in either solids or liquids. The VEGAVIB for solids is a single rod that will not become clogged. The VEGASWING for liquids is a proven tuning fork design.

Applications: Virtually any free flowing liquid or solid, regardless of changes in density or dielectric constant. The VECAVIB has an option 
it to detect solids in liquids.

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