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  Interface Modules

Interface modules of the Contrans I family and the S 900 process I/O System, provide a wide range of electrically isolated signal processing components for extended signal matching between the field level and the control level.

Modules Include:

  • Switch amplifiers 
  • Solenoid drive 
  • Relays and optocouplers 
  • Power supply isolators 
  • Temperature transmitters Isolators and isolating drives 
  • Alarm signalling units 

Contrans I, for plug-mounting on a single socket, is a conventional interface with point-to-point wiring. It provides safe, isolated and HART compatible connection to field instruments with considerable cost saving, as functional matching is possible even during commissioning phase. No dismantling of wires or rewiring is required when Contrans I is being serviced. Central parameter setting is possible via HART protocol and FSK bus. 

Contrans I Remote provides the remote interface solution with fieldbus communication via PROFIBUS or MODBUS, which saves cabling and related engineering cost. The modules are available with one, two or four channels, offer fail-safe values and detailed on-line diagnosis via Smart Vision. 

The modules are plug-mounted on a multi-channel backplane, connected to the system via ready-made cabling and include redundancy for power supply, signal connection and signal repetition. Central configuration and parameter setting on the subordinate instrument level is via FSK bus and HART protocol. A further ABB advantage is PLC/DCS connection to ABB's suite of control systems.

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