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  AC Drives

ACS AC Drives meet the needs of any application - from  the most critical and highly demanding. 

  • Pumps- centrifugal, positive displacement, metering. 
  • Fans - forced draft, induced draft, centrifugal, axial. 
  • Mixers. 
  • Conveyors, bottling lines, palletizers and other materials handling applications. 
  • Lifts, elevators, cranes, hoists. 
  • Winders films, paper, wire. 
  • Centrifuges. 
  • Extruders melt pumps, pelletizers.

ACS AC Drives achieve the ultimate in AC motor control perform ance.
Thanks to Direct Torque Control (DTC) technology, the ACS 600 performs precise speed and torque control of standard squirrel cage motors without the added cost and incon venience of pulse encoder feedback. In fact, DTC has brought about fundamental changes to the way in which a motor can be controlled, so that now, in any application, the overall effectiveness of a drive is limited by the performance of the motor - not the drive. 

Motor starting torque up to 200 %with heavy duty rating Accurate open loop torque control Torque step rise time typically less than 5 ms Speed regulation typically 0.1 % to 0.5 % of nominal speed without encoder feedback 
The ACS 600 product family includes models to suit virtually any application or operating environment, with a complete selection of voltage, power and enclosure ratings, combined with highly flexible control and communications capabilities. 

The ACS 600 series provides a selection of ready- made application macros and a wide range of fully programmable inputs and outputs. Should your application require distributed or high resolution control signals, analog and digital extension modules can be added. Optional modules mount on standard DIN rails and connect via a high speed fiber optic link. Fieldbus adapter modules are available for all the common fieldbus standards including Modbus, Modbus Plus, DeviceNet, Profibus, ABB MasterField Bus, Interbus-S and others. 

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